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General Description
Streptavidin is a 60-kDa extracellular protein of Streptomyces avidinii with four high-affinity biotin binding sites. Unlike AVIDIN, streptavidin has a near neutral isoelectric point and is free of carbohydrate side chains.
Streptavidin is a crystalline protein synthesized by Streptomycetes. It is a biotin binding protein and has the ability to bind four molecules of biotin. The biotin binding pocket of streptavidin helps to interact with biotin. It can be used to enhance protein binding and multimerization.


• in the pre-functionalization of self-propelled catalytic micromotors
• in the fabrication and modification of hydroxyapatite-chitosan (HA-CTS) nanofilm-coated substrates
• as an analyte to bind biomolecules to the gold-inverted polymer solar cells (Au-IPSC)

CAS Number:             9013-20-1
Molecular Weight:   Mr ~ 60000

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5 mg, 25 mg, 100 mg

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