Sulfo DST (Disulfosuccinimidyl Tartrate)


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Sulfo DST (Disuccinimidyl tartarate) is a primary amine reactive, water soluble, periodate cleavable reagent and an analog of DST that contains sulfo-NHS esters. The negatively charged sulfonate groups contribute enough hydrophilicity to provide water solubility for the reagent without the need for organic solvent dissolution before adding it to a crosslinking reaction. The conditions for conjugation are otherwise identical to DST. NHS esters react with primary amino groups (-NH2) present on the side chain of lysine (K) residues and the N-terminus polypeptides. The reaction proceeds efficiently in pH 7-9 buffers to form stable amide bonds and results in the release of N-hydroxysuccinimide. Hydrolysis of the NHS ester is a competing reaction and increases with increasing pH. Hydrolysis occurs readily in dilute protein solutions; in concentrated protein solutions, the acylation reaction is favored.


Molecular Weight:        584.34

Molecular Formula:     C12H10N2S2O16Na2

Color & Form:                White solid

Solubility:                       Water

Storage temp:                Store at 0-8°C


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