BSOCOES (Bis [2-(Succinimidooxycarbonyloxy)ethyl] Sulfone)


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General Description

BSOCOES is a homobifunctional N-hydroxysuccimide (NHS) ester crosslinker with a base-cleavable spacer arm for reversible crosslinking between primary amines, that successfully forms covalent bonds with molecules having primary amines such as peptides and proteins. The spacer arm in BSOCOES contains a sulfone bond, which can be cleaved with alkaline conditions to reverse the linkage.


Molecular Weight:     436.36

Spacer Arm Length: 13.0Å

Formula:                      C14H16N2O12S


Features of BSOCOES:

  • Reactive groups – NHS ester (both ends)
  • Reactive towards – amino groups (primary amines)
  • Base – cleavable (pH 11.6, 2 hours, 37°C)
  • Water- insoluble (dissolve first in DMF or DMSO)
  • Membrane- permeable, allowing for intracellular crosslinking


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100 mg

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