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General Description

Chymostatin is strong inhibitor of many proteases including chymases, chymotrypsin, papain, chymotrypsin-like serine proteases, and lysosomal cysteine proteases, such as cathepsins A,B,C, B, H, and L. It weakly inhibits human leucocyte elastase. It is effective at a final concentration of 100 to 200 μg/ml (10 to 100 μM) and is often included as an integral component in the protease inhibitor cocktails used with plant extracts.

Chymostatin consists of three major components; A, B, and C, where A being N-[((S)-1-carboxy-2-phenylethyl)-carbamoyl]-α-[2-iminohexahydro-4(S)-pyrimidyl]-L-glycyl-L-leucyl-phenylalaninal, is the main component of this inhibitor. The other two components B and C differ in that the L-leucyl residue is substituted by L-valine and L-isoleucine, respectively.


Chymostatin is a specific inhibitor of α-, β-, γ-, and δ-chymotrypsin.


Synonym: N-(Nα-Carbonyl-Cpd-X-Phe-al)-Phe (Cpd = capreomycidine) (capreomycidine = [S,S]-α-(2-Iminohexahydro-4-pyrimidyl)glycine)

Solubility: DMSO

Storage:    -20 °C


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