GMBS (N-Maleimidobutyryloxysuccinimide ester)


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General Description

GMBS is an amine-to-sulfhydryl crosslinker that contains NHS-ester and maleimide reactive groups at opposite ends of a short spacer arm of 7.3 Å in length. It has a low potential for eliciting an immune response compared to SMCC, thus ensuring the primary response is to the antigen-carrier protein conjugate and not against a determinant on the crosslinking reagent.


CAS No.:                      80307-12-6

Molecular Weight:     280.23

Molecular Formula:   C12H12N2O6

Spacer Arm:                7.3 Å


Features of GMBS:

  • Reactive groups: NHS ester and maleimide
  • Reactive toward: amino and sulfhydryl groups
  • C4-homolog of aliphatic spacer series which includes AMAS, BMPS, GMBS and EMCS
  • NHS ester end couples with primary amines at pH 7-9 to form stable amide bonds
  • Maleimides react with -SH groups at pH 6.5-7.5, forming stable thioether linkages
  • Non-cleavable
  • Water-insoluble (dissolve first in DMF or DMSO); compare to Sulfo-GMBS
  • Short aliphatic spacer has low potential for eliciting an immune response


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100 mg

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