Nickel-IDA Agarose Resin


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General Description

Affinity Chromatography is based on the interaction between certain superficial protein residues (histidines, cysteines and to a lesser extent tryptophans), with transition metal cations, forming chelates. Nickel-IDA Agarose Resin contains IDA (iminodiacetate, a tridentate chelating agent), covalently coupled to 6% highly cross-linked agarose beads ligated by stable ether linkages via a spacer arm. This resin utilizes nickel (Ni2 ) for the purification of 6X histidine tagged proteins and binds to six histidine residues (6X His), a common tag used in protein purification.


Our Ni-IDA Agarose Resin is ideal for rapid purifications of His-tagged proteins as it is loaded with Ni2+ and the recognizes two exposed histidines for an appreciable retention of a protein with a 4X or 6X His tag. The protein purity and yield is dependent on working conditions, size, conformation, expression levels, solubility and sample impurities.



  • Excellent binding capacity based on high surface area to volume ratio
  • Fast flow rates
  • Notable mechanical and chemical stability
  • Reusable without any significant decrease in yield



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5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml

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