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General Description

PFP-biotin is a pentafluorophenyl-ester biotinylation reagent that reacts with both primary and secondary amines for biotinylation. PFP-Biotin has similar properties like NHS-biotin but is more reactive. It is water insoluble and must be first dissolved in a minimal amount of an organic solvent, such as dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) or dimethylformamide (DMF) and then added to the aqueous buffer containing the protein or other material for biotinylation.


Molecular Formula:     C16H15F5N2O3S

Molecular Weight:       410.36

Spacer Arm:                  9.6 Å

Reactive Group:            Pentafluorophenyl ester


Features of PFP-Biotin:

1. Membrane-permeable— It can be used to label inside cells (intracellular)

2. Amine-reactive— It reacts with primary and secondary amines of proteins and other molecules at pH 7.0 to 9.0

3. Irreversible— It forms permanent amide bonds; spacer arm cannot be cleaved

4. Solubility— Insoluble in water, must be dissolved in DMSO or DMF before further dilution in aqueous buffers


Very short spacer arm — total length added to target is 9.6 Å and consists of the native biotin valeric acid group only


Additional information


50 mg

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