PIPES Buffer [0.5M], pH 6.8



General Description

PIPES is used as a buffering agent with pKa near the physiological pH which makes it useful in cell culture work. It has been shown to minimize the lipid loss when buffering glutaraldehyde histology in plant and animal tissues and has a negligible capacity to bind divalent ions.

PIPES is a member of the ethanesulfonic acid buffer series, first introduced by Good et al., developed to meet certain criteria: mid-range pKa, maximum water solubility and minimum solubility in all other solvents, minimal salt effects, minimal change in pKa with temperature, chemically and enzymatically stable, minimal absorption in visible or UV spectral range and easily synthesized. Since its pKa at 37 °C is near physiological pH, PIPES has applications in cell culture work.

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250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L

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