Potassium acetate


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General description

Potassium Acetate is the acetate salt form of potassium, an essential macromineral.

Potassium acetate is an osmotic agent; it is generated by the reaction between acetic acid and potassium hydroxide and has efficiently replaced urea and glycol for deicing process. Its potential as a substitute to calcium chloride for osmotic distillation has been investigated.

It intercalates with the hydroxyl groups on the kaolinite surface leading to surface modification, and also acts as a catalyst that accelerates the acetylation of wood at low temperature.


Synonyms:                        Acetic Acid, Potassium Salt; Diuretic salt; Potassium ethanoate; KOAc

CAS Number:                   127-08-2
Molecular Formula:        CH3COOK
Molecular Weight:           98.142 g/mol
InChI Key:                         SCVFZCLFOSHCOH-UHFFFAOYSA-M

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100 g, 500 g, 1 kg

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