Sulfo SASD Sulfosuccinimidyl-2-(p-azidosalicylamido)ethyl-1,3-dithiopropionate


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General Description

Sulfo SASD is an iodinatable, hydroxyl-containing, water soluble, aryl azide-based, primary reactive amine- and photoreactive crosslinker.


CAS Number:                     144650-95-3

Molecular Formula:           C16H16N5NaO9S3

Molecular Weight:             541.51

Storage:                               2-8°C

Appearance Form:             Powder

Appearance Color:             Off-white



Spacer Arm (Å): 18.9

Reactive Toward: Primary Amines

Membrane Permeable: No

Water Soluble: Yes

Cleavable/ Reversible: Reducing Agents (Thiol)


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100 mg

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