APDP (N-[4-(p-Azidosalicylamido)butyl]-3-(2’-pyridyldithio) propionamide)


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General Description

APDP is a sulfhydryl-reactive and photoreactive cross-linker, which is membrane permeable and insoluble in water and it forms cleavable disulfide bonds with sulfhydryls.


Other properties are listed below:

Chemical Name:         N-[4-(p-Azidosalicylamido)butyl]-3-(2’-pyridyldithio)propionamide

Molecular Formula: C₁₈H₂₀N₆O₂

Molecular Weight:     446.55

Color & Form:              Off white powder

Melting Point:              107° C


Features of APDP:

1. Spacer arm: 21.0Å

2. Reactive towards: sulfhydryl (-SH) and amino (-NH2) groups

3. Reactive groups: phenyl azide & pyridyldithiols

4. Membrane Permeability: APDP crosslinker is membrane permeable, so crosslinking can be performed inside the cells


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100 mg

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