ANB-NOS (N-5-Azido-2-nitrobenzoyloxysuccinimide)


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ANB-NOS is a short arm heterobifunctional protein cross-linker with spacer arm 7.7 Å. It contains an NHS ester that reacts with primary amines (-NH2) at pH 7-9 to form stable amide bonds and a nitrophenylazide group that is photoreactive at 320-350 nm toward amino groups. ANB-NOS is membrane permeable and not immediately soluble in water and recommended to dissolve in DMSO and DMF.

CAS Number: 60117-35-3

Molecular Weight: 305.2 

Spacer Length: 7.7 Å

Synonyms: 5-Azido-2-nitrobenzoic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester; N-(5-Azido-2-nitrobenzoyloxy)succinimide; N-Succinimidyl 5-azido-2-nitrobenzoate 

Features of ANB-NOS:

1. Reactive towards: amino groups and any nucleophile

2. Reactive groups: NHS ester and nitrophenyl azide 

3. Nitro group on the phenyl azide ring shifts wavelength for photoactivation to 320-350nm, which is less damaging to proteins and nucleic acids

Figure: Schematic Reaction Pathway for ANB-NOS

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