Goat a-Human IgG, Alkaline phosphatase (AP) Labeled


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This is Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) labeled and affinity purified Goat anti-Human IgG_x000d_
(H+L) antibody. The antibodies were isolated from antisera by immunoaffinity_x000d_
chromatography using antigens coupled to agarose beads and conjugated with alkaline phosphatase enzyme.

Antibody Specificity

The antibody reacts with the heavy chains on human IgG and with light_x000d_
chains common to most human immunoglobulins. The antibody may cross-react with_x000d_
immunoglobulins from other species, however, no antibody was detected against_x000d_
non-immunoglobulin serum proteins.


Recommended Dilution
The optimal working dilutions of the antibodies must be determined by end_x000d_
user, however, as a starting point, following dilutions are suggested:


ELISA: 1:5,000-1:50,000

Western Blot: 1:5,000-1:50,000


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1.0 ml

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